AC Yearly maintenance Contracts

AC Yearly maintenance Contracts

Best AC yearly maintenance services provided in Dubai from split Ac to central air conditioning systems according   to Commercial, industrial and residential needs. We bring to our all customers the most effective  maintenance   services in most economical prices on yearly basis.

Ac Yearly maintenance helps in increasing the efficiency of AC performance and provide better outcome to customers. Proper take care of Ac is necessary and its maintenance on annual basis will not affect our budget.


How it works:

After a year, it is going to necessary for the AC to maintain its system and clean its all areas that help in producing good outcome.

There are certain functions or actions perfrom during the yearly maintenance of AC which include; clean away all kind of dust, dirt and debris from the system, Visually inspect the complete HVAC system, Clean the condensate pump of dirt and debris, Check the thermostat works properly, Inspect the condensate pump, Clean and inspect the indoor and outdoor coil and replace the air filters.

Yearly maintenance of air conditioners filters, coil, and fins enhance the functions, efficiently and effectively through this service maintenance. We collaborate with the best companies to provide you the best maintenance service on annual basis.


AC Cleaning Service:

AC cleaning services are absolute need of people more in summer months as compare to winter months. To make sure that air conditioners are running at its maximum capacity, AC cleaning is required at least once a year.

Through AC cleaning, cooling of AC improved which cut down the bills appropriately. Because unmaintained AC Cause high consumption of electricity and produce disease in the air.

We offer 24/7 AC cleaning service to our all customers. We provide AC cleaning service to homeowners, working women, office and industries according to their usage.

We offer Efficient and quick Ac cleaning service with the sanitizing and cleaning system to enhance the performance of your AC at annual basis. We take care the need of our customers and provide the best AC cleaning service on yearly basis.


Health benefit of this service:

Many kinds of Health risks involve due to unmaintained AC. Dirty air due to dirty AC may become the cause of Asthma and produce much type of allergies. AC yearly maintenance helps to protect such type of health disease.

For taking care of Health of everyone’s at home, it is very important to hire professional AC cleaner from AMTS Dubai. Clean air is the need of our health so; AMTS Dubai is always serving as best AC cleaning service for Health protection purpose.


Don’t crash your AC:

You should never ignore the importance of AC cleaning because AC is going to be the basic requirement of life. When proper maintenance not happen then the performance of AC is gradually decrease.

If the filters of AC are not cleaned or lots of dust stuck in the coils of AC system then IT would work harder to keep the room clean and its breakage chances also increase. In Dubai, Few hours are harder to spend without AC. to avoid this kind of problems, book appointment with an AC cleaning service.


Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance:

Before the start of warmer, you should service your air conditioner for getting goods results. AMTS Dubai provide the professional air conditioner maintenance service to its customers in which they Inspect and service their AC.

Professional technician overall inspect the AC to keep the things in running order and spot the potential trouble with this help. They will examine the drainage lines, check its refrigerator, inspect the condition of ducts, vents and belts and test its voltage.

Technician will check its air filters, also clean many parts like compressor, evaporate coils, air handler and condenser. Through a complete cycle, they should observe the AC function and Test refrigerator levels.


Tips of Maintaining AC unit:

There are some major tips which help to maintain the AC unit and help in increase the performance of air conditioner for long term;

  • Make a schedule of yearly tune-up with the help of AMTS Dubai Professional.
  • Seal open spaces and check the ductwork properly.
  • Adjust thermostat of your AC.
  • Make sure that dryer vent is not angled according to AC unit.
  • Change the filters regularly.
  • Keep all the coils clean
  • Keep surrounding shrubbery trimmed.


Inside and Outside Cleaning of AC:

  • Turn the power off to the unit or turn off breaker before service. It is very important to check the AC from both sides; outside and inside to properly clean the AC and increase its performance level.
    • At Outside, Inspect the fins, clean the condenser, rake ground-level debris and maintain the level of condenser.
    • At Inside, Clean the evaporate drain properly, change the filters, clean the evaporator coils and after changing all the areas put the power turn on to check its running properly.


Want AC yearly maintenance in Dubai?

AMTS Dubai the one of the top maintenance companies because of our best maintenance service provided to our customers. We also offer key values when customer obtains home maintenance services. For booking the appointment, Contact us or call at +971 553 753 092 at 24/7.


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