A contract called an Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) is made with a specialized company to have assets used by AMTS Dubai repaired and maintained. Help can be any asset that AMTS Dubai claims, including large production lines used to create your products and office equipment like computers and printers.

It can also include things like land, parking garages, and support for the building. An Annual Maintenance contracts should be present in AMTS Dubai that frequently considers how to improve on routine work so that the cycle and subject matter are guaranteed.

An annual maintenance agreement is a contract between AMTS Dubai and a vendor that specifies the conditions for the ongoing upkeep of any hardware or assets the company buys from the vendor.

In order to minimize the subsequent impact on the margin period or abnormality in ensuring the trade, the annual maintenance contracts assures that the specialized cooperative will repair or replace the hardware or products given to the customer, either when they fail, or as agreed in each case.


Annual Maintenance Contracts:

We offer wide range of maintenance services according to need of our customers. Structures, finishes, computers, instruments, extremely advanced equipment, and other business frameworks that need post-purchase management and support can all be covered by annual maintenance service.

Undoubtedly, AMCs are more common than others in some industries. For instance, more support is required annually for manufacturing, food cooperatives, healthcare, and retail than, offices.


Benefit of this service:

There are many benefits belong to maintenance contract provided by AMTS Dubai which includes:

  • Product updates and transitions on a regular basis ensuring ideal performance and effectiveness
  • When making purchases, set up money for long-distance shipping charges and machine capability
  • Capabilities Data Base
  • Encouragement of preventive measures (goal: no breakdowns)
  • rapid response (in case of failure)
  • Programming and equipment permanence
  • Expert specialists are available to address challenging issues
  • No accessible slides
  • Devoid of hourly management fees
  • keeps things on schedule and consistent


Pricing of AMC:

We can create annual maintenance contracts in a number of different ways. Most of their structure is based on what is best for the company and the specialized organization. A single front line or a crossover model may be used to organize pricing of contract.

You may, for instance, stand in front of your hourly rate or combine it with new parts or higher delivery prices. There are certain types of pricing systems applied by AMTS Dubai which include: Per device pricing, Time-based pricing, Life of equipment pricing, Repair and replacement pricing and additional service.


Professional Maintenance provider:

It’s always a plus to know that a pool of highly qualified technical specialists is always just a phone call away which is the major specialty of Our company. Having the confidence that you can count on them to complete the proper kind of work for you is a great relief.

You won’t have any trouble locating the AMC group, which has access to a wealth of knowledgeable experts. Take advantage of this fact, as it would be counterproductive to spend so much money on paying such skilled people to work for your company full-time.


Tips of maintenance:

We have to consider different tips belong to annual maintenance contracts implementation which includes:

  • Additional fees could be incurred if the client made other explicit assumptions in the contract.
  • The conversations between the two meetings will have a significant impact on the final costs, terms, and conditions of the agreement.
  • There is no absolute rule prescribing how support agreements must be written.
  • The most important aspect of this agreement is that it may be enforced in court.
  • It’s important to ensure that all contracts are thoroughly reviewed.
  • Conditions, national standards, and local customs will all play a role in how the agreement’s various aspects play out.


How it works:

In your AMC composition, you may stand out without a doubt. You can state clearly which conversion will change. The committed team may be required to carry all necessary equipment and supplies for administration.

When a specialized team by AMTS Dubai arrives to offer assistance, you can instruct them whether or not to lend them extra hands. Because of one of your separate, you may need your specialist squad to have quick access to new components and other equipment.

Additionally, you can decide how a breakdown will be handled and paid for in the case that it occurs in between visits from the helpdesk.

An annually maintenance contract gives the AMTS Dubai and committed staff the advantage of having everything ready in advance, so that if a machine, PC, device, or piece of programming malfunctions or ceases performing as intended, the organization understands that it can be fixed as soon as feasible.



We are always ready to serve you according to your maintenance requirements. We prepare annual maintenance contracts for our customers to develop with them long term relationship and provide our services on annual basis. For booking appointment or prepare contract, contact at +971553753092 to get all the information and further updates.