The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist for Every Season

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With all of the new trends in the UAE, many citizens in Dubai are actually becoming owners. In case you are a brand-new house owner, who has currently purchased a property and are thinking how to do home maintenance checklist in Dubai, this is for you. This domestic renovation checklist for property owners in Dubai will make sure you tick all the right boxes to keep your property in top situation.


Making a Home Maintenance Checklist:

Home maintenance checklist in Dubai is something that house owners and landlords shouldn’t forget about. Citizens of Dubai, and the UAE in general, are probably to face certain renovation problems more often than others.


That is usually constant with styles seen in other countries, however there are a few which are more unique to the local weather and environment Common issues include air conditioners leaking or no longer cooling, clogged drains, and burst water pipes.


Luckily, the effect and occurrence of these issues may be reduced by taking certain precautions and carrying out regular preventive maintenance. You may also check with our available home maintenance checklist to ensure that nothing has been neglected.


Below are the most common issues to add in your home maintenance checklist & the actions that you may take to prevent them.


Check Carbon Mono-oxide & Smoke detectors

Firstly, on the home maintenance checklist in Dubai is testing the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. These detectors usually have a lifespan of 5 to 10 years, however, regular testing is important to understand whether they are in a very good running condition, as they will be needed in case of a fireplace outbreak or carbon monoxide leak.


Air Conditioner problems

Frequent troubles with air conditioners maintenance consist of leaks or units no longer cooling well. Both can be avoided via regular checkups on condensation hoses as well as periodical cleaning and replacing of filters. Keeping your thermostat set to 24 degrees is another measure to help keep the durability of your air conditioning device as well as lowering energy consumption.


Water Heater troubles

Common water heater troubles are leaks and shortage of hot water. The primary reason of leaks is loose valves or pipes. This could be easily prevented by a quick check and can also be fixed fairly without difficulty.


Another problem that may occur, if not handled regularly is the buildup of sediment within the tank, so that it will affect the performance of your water heater and reduce its useful life. The solution for this is often draining and flushing the water heater tank.


However, in case you notice hot water coming out a bit muddy or rusty then this is a strong indication that a problem is on the horizon and you should turn off your heater and contact an expert as soon as possible.


Blocked Drains

The main reason for clogged drains in the kitchen is usually fats and oils. While inside the bathroom hair is the most important wrongdoer. To avoid this, keep away from pouring oils into the drains. If you do this by chance, ensure that you follow it with hot water and dishwashing liquid.


Moreover, add strainers on your bath drain to seize and dispose of hair following showers. Try to avoid the use of drain clearing acids as they are able to cause permanent harm in your plumbing.


Water Pipe troubles

Burst water pipes are another common maintenance trouble that families are facing in Dubai. Burst pipes are often caused by rust, corrosion, or excessive water pressure. It could be due to the material used in those pipes, the installation quality, climate conditions or the surrounding environment.


This sort of problems can be avoided via periodic checks on the quality and state of the pipes. Check the joints and the proactive alternative of components that have been weakened.


Electrical Faults

Electric faults may be extremely risky and if ignored they could even cause fires. This is mostly occurred when devices with frayed cords are used. Through exposing the wires, you run the danger of heat being transferred to flammable objects including carpets and curtains.


Circuit breakers often being tripped are also an indication of underlying faults. This will be a case of overloading the circuit, short circuits or ground fault.


Ignoring those underlying issues can be dangerous. It must be remembered that circuit breakers themselves can leaving you and your family with unexpected risk exposure.


Different signs to search for burning smells, sparks or flickering lights. All of those will be due to electric problems and also you should call a professional in to take a look.


Jammed doors and home windows

It is second most important task in home maintenance checklist. Jammed doors can be a major issue in the UAE because of the high humidity levels. Because of this reason wooden doorways absorb moisture and expand. Expert carpenters have to be capable of help with this through trimming down doors so that they suit again.


Some other reason for jammed doors is loose hinges or joints. This is a simple repair as it commonly just requires tightening of screws.


Pest Infestations

Dealing with of chemical compounds and different strategies of pest management are specialist subjects that require expert training. It is important to ensure that you use a Municipality approved operator. As there were many times of dangerous products being used by unregulated companies, leading to health issues for residents.


How to select the right maintenance companies in Dubai?

There are various maintenance companies in Dubai that offer services for home maintenance. These companies can help facilitate the above-referred to maintenance suggestions for homeowners in Dubai. But, before selecting a company, make sure to select an authorized maintenance company like AMTS Dubai.


AMTS Dubai has a great popularity and qualified technicians. Analyzing reviews of every organization can help to gauge the recognition and standard of work of the maintenance company.



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