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If you need to maintain your property in tip-top form, you want to maintain it often. while this could seem overwhelming, when broken down into an easy checklist, it appears much more practicable. by doing so you’ll have a better location to live, keep your home’s value, and minimize the need for maintenance and replacements in the future.


Simply follow this Dubai home maintenance plan through AMTS Dubai.


Monthly home maintenance plan’s tasks

  1. First of all, keep in mind test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors by pressing the test button. If a loud alarm doesn’t come from it, the batteries should be replaced.
  2. clean the garbage disposal. Citrus juice, orange or lemon peels paired with a few ices can remove increase in the disposal.


Quarterly home maintenance responsibilities

  1. Replace detector batteries no matter whether they are operating. if you haven’t completed so within the past 3 months. The last part you need is a loud wakeup call at 3AM because your batteries are low!
  2. If you have any unused rooms, run water and flush bathrooms to make sure they’re working as they have to. It’s often worth using a few drains opener and limescale remover in those rooms.
  3. Clean your AC air filter so it works successfully and doesn’t flow into dust through your home. Rinse the filter out, wash it with soap and a mild brush, dry and update.


Semi-annual domestic maintenance tasks

  1. Tidy up weeds and shrubs from around your house. anything that’s growing in/on walls or in the cracks in your patio, walkways, or even on a balcony. something developing on your property can surely harm it through the years.
  2. Drain and clean your water heater to make sure its sturdiness. A construct-up of sediment can significantly affect its capacity to paintings correctly, and can even shorten its lifespan.


Annual home protection responsibilities

  1. Vacuum the coils behind your fridge. with the aid of decreasing the grime increase on the coils, you’ll increase the performance of the fridge and potentially reduce your electricity bill – a win-win!
  2. Take a look at bathrooms and sinks for leaks. It’s additionally really worth checking your water stress, or having a handyman in Dubai do it for you.
  3. Test the fireplace extinguisher is working so you don’t find out it’s no longer operating when you need it most.
  4. Check out interior and exterior walls and repair as essential. touch up paint or do a new coat, if important.
  5. Keep in mind to clean the kitchen hood filter so that it continues to collect grease. It’s difficult to clean in case you don’t maintain on top of it, not to mention it may stop working, so make sure to do so!
  6. Have a garage? Declutter and clean it. clean dirt and stains, take a look at if the door mechanisms look right, and get rid of antique items you’ve not looked at in a year.


How home maintenance plan can be beneficial for you?

  • Through making proactive provision for your maintenance requirements, you can manage your cash flow with extra accuracy even as reducing the risk of unexpected expenditure.
  • You will save time organizing the presence of several service providers on your premises– simply e-mail your orders or call our booking line for all of your maintenance requirements.
  • You may leave the booking of work on your staff without worrying about them incurring unnecessary charges.
  • Fast response times – our contract customers get priority


Home maintenance Plan

Everybody has different requirements, that’s why we’ve advanced flexible discount packages which might be best for each single and multiple property owners, inclusive of landlords and retail businesses


How our cleaning services save you?

AMTS Dubai offers services to both landlords and renters to maintain these homes in pristine situation. Deposits can sometimes be withheld without valid reasons and often the reasons given or price of repair works may be knowingly overstated.


We aim to provide each landlord and renters with speedy, efficient and honest recommendation in terms of repair works and damaged property.


Our principal goal is of course to maintain the property and maintain all components in perfect working order.


A number of the benefits of recommended home maintenance plan with AMTS Dubai include:

  • Flexibility to design your own safety service plan.
  • Save cash through removing avoidable repairs and disasters.
  • Increase the life of home components, equipment, and systems.
  • Reduce safety and health risks in your home.
  • Shorten your ‘to-do’ list.
  • Maximize your home’s value and rental / resale capacity.
  • Improve your home’s look and appeal.
  • Take pleasure for your beautiful home where everything works as designed.
  • Experience peace of thoughts knowing that your house is professionally maintained.
  • Placed proactive and preventive maintenance to work so that it will lower your overall fee of home possession.


Guarantee on workmanship

  • We use best true spares furnished by using the involved logo
  • We stand in the back of our paintings and offer a service assure on all workmanship convenience element in the course of sign up and soliciting for carrier
  • Flexibility to both select one of our recommended plans or design your personal safety plan and consist of as many services in your home to make sure complete peace of mind


Why do I want home maintenance plan?

AC, electric and plumbing can once in a while value plenty if a first-rate part fails/breaks down and desires to get replaced. introduced to its far the agony and disruption in your ordinary it could create if any of these things stop operating completely.


With due periodic upkeep, unexpected fall apart of your AC, electrical and plumbing may be included and the excessive charges of repair avoided, allowing you peace of mind close to their sturdiness. as the popular saying is going prevention is higher than therapy.


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