Payment policy 2022 – AMTS Dubai

Under the AMTS Dubai’s payment policy, we accept payment for its goods and administration in cash or in the form of Visa or MasterCard and Visa. The agreements of professional selling organisations also govern management booked through the Site.


Services Payment

  • Deduction payment:

Once our service partner confirms that the service has been delivered, customers are charged. Before processing a payment, the Company will not ask the user to confirm that the service has been provided.


  • Priced transaction of multi-currency:

The displayed price and currency will be the same price and currency charged to the Card and printed on the Transaction Receipt that you have selected. “Total to pay” will be shown to the user if VAT or optional extras apply.


  • Confirmation of payment:

According to AMTS Dubai’s payment policy, users of the website can choose to receive payment confirmation through email to the email address provided at the time of purchase, or via app notification. After the payment has been processed, a confirmation will be sent to the email address provided as soon as is reasonably practicable.


  • Refund of payment:

Due to a transfer of our management’s assets, if we charge a customer while they claim that we haven’t provided a service, we will take everything from the consumer. To avoid incurring additional expenses, the User must send a message to the Company within 24 hours of the planned service day.


Any and all discounts, including the ones listed above, will be applied to registered customers’ accounts in the form of credits. First instalment or AMTS Dubai, as the Company sees fit.


Administrative expenses:

Booking administration on the site gives customers the option of managing their services online or via mobile applications. A random help service can be rescheduled at any moment prior to the start of the service if it is done in a reasonable amount of time.


The client may incur administrative expenditures as a result of a lack of notice when a manager resigns or is replaced. The Cancellation Policy likely reflects these expenses and is revised on a regular basis.


To use AMTS Dubai services, you must agree to these terms and agree to pay any costs that may be imposed by the Site. As a result, the Company has the option of using any legal methods necessary to recover those charges or maintain extra usage in acquiring Site Services from the client.


Payment Policy About cancellation:

  • Charges payment:

As in our payment policy, The Customer will be charged any applicable regulatory fees if they request a deferment or change. In the event of a late withdrawal and late adjustments at the end of the transfer date, costs are subtracted from the downtime period. Exhibit fees are used when suppliers encourage the company to do so.


  • No Shows:

In the event that a customer was unable to take advantage of a scheduled service, administrative charges would be incurred. Depending on the type of service you requested, you may be charged additional fees.


  • Late cancelation or changes:

In the event of late cancelation or change Administrative charges must be applied.


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