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Using the Service, AMTS Dubai collects, uses, and discloses your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, which explains Your rights and explains how the law protects you. We use your Personal Information to run and maintain the Service. To the extent that you use the Service, you agree that the information collected about you will be used only in the ways described in this Privacy Policy.


Privacy Policy in Type of data collected:

  • Personal Information:

It is possible that we will request certain personally identifiable information from you when you make use of our Service. Email address, name and surname, phone number, address, region, province, postal code, city, and usage data are just a few examples of data that can be made public on a regular basis.


  • Reason of processing personal information:

Three key definitions after managing each data include consistency, client care and Advertising.

    • Consistency: to satisfy legal and administrative requirements.
    • Client management: providing you with responses to queries and providing you with data about challenges, reviews; organizing a circle with a Service Market agent; provide you with white papers, reports, digital books, and various records about our management, operations and business; and empowering you to attend online events and classes.
    • Advertising: sending out promotional publications (e.g., updates on the most recent patterns and developments, as well as issues related to our business, events, innovations and management, and updates / issues of current and management) and directing statistical testing.


  • Legal reason of processing personal data:

There are a number of reasons including: Satisfying legal obligations. Entering into an agreement with you to provide client management as a client or, at your request, to legally binding lengths and your consent.


Your personal information is awaited for the reasons outlined above; therefore, refusing to provide the specified information or its accuracy may prevent the Service Market from providing you with client management.


Data Usage:

As stated in this Privacy Policy, when you use the Service, it automatically collects usage statistics. Data usage may comprise, for example, Your Device’s Internet address (e.g. IP address), application type, application output, pages of our Service that you view, the time and date of your visit, and the time spent on those pages, Type gadget identifiers and other symbolic data.


The type of mobile phone you use, your mobile phone ID, the mobile address of your mobile phone, and other factors may all be collected when you use a mobile phone to access the Service. This includes the sort of mobile Internet application you use, new gadget IDs, and other analytics information.


When you visit our website or use a mobile device to access our service, AMTS Dubai may receive information supplied by your application under this privacy policy.


During Using the Application information collection:

AMTS Dubai may collect, with your earlier permission, information about your local region when we use Our Application to provide features of Our Application. We collect and analyze this data in order to deliver our service’s features and continuously enhance our service. To the AMTS Dubai’s servers, a Service Provider’s server, or your own device may the data be transferred. Your device’s settings allow you to accept or reject this data at any moment.


Use of personal information:

Dedication and Compliance with Our Service may necessitate the inclusion of Personal Data by the AMTS Dubai, which includes evaluating the usage of our Service. Taking Care of Your Bills: Involvement in Your Registration as a Service Customer. As a registered client, you have access to a wide range of services that can be accessed through your personal information.


If you want to show a customer’s transactional transactions or their consistency and performance in another agreement with Us Service in the contract display you can use these terms. To keep you up-to-date on the latest news, alternative services, and general information about the many products, services, and times we have to offer, unless you choose to opt out of receiving such information.


Sharing and responding to your requests to us. In relation to business transactions, we can say the following: For example, we may use Your data to determine whether a company merges or divides or restructures its resources, whether as a continuing business or as part of a non-financial liquidation process, where Personalized data held by Us in respect of our customer service is among the services we provide.


Retention of personal information:

As stated in this Privacy Policy, the Company will retain your Personal Data for as long as necessary for the stated purposes. In order to meet our legal duties, address questions, and implement our legal strategies, we will retain and use Your Personal Data.


Transfer of personal information:

The Company’s workspaces and any other locations where hosting circles are located are where your data, including Personal Data, is stored. In other words, this data may be transmitted to and stored on PCs outside of your immediate area where information security rules may be less stringent than those in your own area.


Security of personal information:

AMTS Dubai take the security of your Personal Information very seriously, but please keep in mind that there is no technique of internet transfer or electronic strategy that is 100 percent secure. While we make every effort to safeguard your Personal Data in accordance with industry standards, we cannot ensure its complete security.


Email marketing:

AMTS Dubai may use the information you provide about yourself to contact you via leaflets, ads, or other materials that may be of interest to you. By clicking on the “Withdraw” link or instructions included in any email We provide or access to, you can opt out of receiving any or all of these communications from us.



As stated in this Privacy Policy, AMTS Dubai reserve the right to make some parts of the Service available for purchase. Payment processing may be outsourced to third-party providers in this situation


Remarketing behavioral:

AMTS Dubai employ re-marketing services to spread the word about our service to a huge number of people who have already visited it. A new and fascinating non-medical feature is being used to recognise your Device and analyze how you use our Service in order to replicate your trends and serve you adverts that may be of great interest to yourself.



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