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AMTS Dubai’s Service guarantees to make family tasks as basic, straightforward, and uncomplicated as possible. Reassurance was often taken as a sign to keep things simple in the heart and to ensure that our sort of work is unaffected by the issue.


Give Value to Customers:

AMTS Dubai welcomes requests from consumers and make every effort to meet such demands in full. We think your applications are appropriate for the most eminent experts in the subject.


All of the professionals we work with have been approved by the Market Administration to perform certain administrative tasks and successfully evaluate the type of work, and you can expect us to contact you if we come to the conclusion that your managers will not be departing as indicated by every account.


Accuracy of task:

Occasionally, your assistance will not go according to plan, and we are well aware that you will not be pleased with your participation. In such cases, we are here to help you and to make things right for you.

Contact us if you have any objections by filling out the form below or emailing us at almanqabco@gmail.com.


AMTS Dubai Service Guarantees:

Our Service Guarantees to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

Our satisfaction:

  • If the type of work no longer depends on the mark, the service will be rectified once at no further charge.
  • Over 60-minute disruptions or delays can result in special assistance or credit being added to your Service Market wallet, which can be used at a later date.
  • We may arrange for a recovery service for any type of crime, and Credits can be added to your Service Market Wallet if necessary.
  • We will deduct the first installment or service credits from the cost of surplus if the charges are wrong.
  • We’ll use damage of things to try to fix the problem. The maximum AED 500 installation will be supplied if the Satisfaction Guarantee is reached in the event of damage that cannot be rectified..



  • The activity is reserved and assigned a request number before being moved to the Service Market area.
  • Only entries can be used to handle quotes.
  • Protests broke out when assistance is cut off after only 48 hours.
  • Both the staff and the records you have access to are treated fairly.


Warranty of materials and parts:

  • A multi-month warranty will apply to purchases where components and supplies are delivered to our team of experts.
  • If a manufacturer or seller provides a warranty, parts can be repaired under warranty.
  • Any management commitments or constraints that are explicitly stated may be in place. Please review the help specifics to see what they recall from the help session.



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