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AMTS Dubai is the most appropriate platform that offer many home services and act as 3rd party service provider according to regulatory authority. Service provider delivers the services to customers directly and all the services are booked through Mobile Application or Website of the company. All the terms and conditions (Agreement) are the general terms and conditions for the users.


Terms and Conditions – AMTS Dubai


After accepting the Terms and conditions, you are liable to follow all the points and this agreement act as legal binding between user and service provider. Through using and accessing the services, a confirmation provided that you read, agree and understand all the terms and conditions belong to this agreement.


Membership and accounts:

If you sign up and begin using the Services, we may not be obligated to review and test new records before you do so, but we will do our best to do so. Your record could be rounded out if you provide any false contact information.


As soon as you discover that your personal information has been misused, you should notify us immediately. All of your displays or omissions, as well as any damage that may arise from them, are completely out of our hands.


If we have reason to believe that you have violated any of the conditions of this agreement or that your direct or indirect content will harm our reputation or the affection we have for you, we may suspend, suspend, or delete your record (or any part of it).


Content of user:

You are solely responsible for ensuring that all content you provide is accurate, complete, fair, trustworthy, and appropriate for use. We have the right to analyze and assess any and all content that you upload or make using our Services.


For your client account, you grant us permission to use your account’s Content for the purposes of providing you with the services you need. All of these images and assurances do not limit our ability to reject or remove any content in our own method, as long as it does not break any of our strategies or anything else.


The quantity is either dangerous or terrifying, depending on your point of view.


Payments and billing:

A payment is expected and paid for all costs, charges, and billing conditions that appear on your record. Encrypted SSL transactions with high quality marks are used for sensitive and confidential information exchanges, while the Services also adhere to PCI vulnerabilities in order to create a secure environment for users.


We want to be able to alter and measure everything at any time. We also demand that you give us the authority to reject any application you submit to us. The purchase price per person, family, or request may be reduced due to our limited focus.


Restrictions may apply to applications submitted under the same client account, the same Visa, and applications to use the same charging or delivery address.


Information accuracy:

A mistake or an oversight that could be relevant to the item’s appearance or testability or development or rendering is extremely rare in Programs’ data. In the event of any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies, we have the full authority to change or update data or cancel orders at any time, without warning, if any Services or Services data are wrong.


To the extent that we are legally obliged, we will not be responsible for updating, altering or interpreting the Services’ data other than to the extent that we are legally required. Programs should not be construed to signify that all Services and Services data has been updated or altered by a specific date.


Services from Third party:

Authentication, for example, is an example of an external authority that you can authorize, access, or use, and we do not accept, ignore, or commit to it, and we do not make any representations about the content or the handling of information (calculation of your information) of those different authorities, and we do not accept or make any representations about their agreements.


Prohibited uses:

You may not use the Services or Content for any unlawful purposes, regardless of the terms and Conditions of the Agreement, and you may not solicit others to join you in any illegal protests, regardless of the laws or regulations of any country or state. You may not violate our protected intellectual property rights or the rights of others.


Disclaimer warranty:

Because of the apparent risks, you agree that your usage of the Services is extraordinary despite the fact that they are provided in an “unverified” and “accessible environment.” All warranties of any type, express or implied, including non-binding claims of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are therefore disregarded.


In no event do we guarantee that the Services will meet your needs, or that the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free; nor do we guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any data retrieved through the Service; nor do we guarantee that the Service will be reviewed if it becomes unavailable or otherwise impaired.



As long as they don’t violate the fundamental laws, this Agreement’s freedoms and limits can be interpreted and construed only to the extent necessary to keep it from becoming illegal, invalid, or unenforceable.


Out Healthcare Services:

AMTS Dubai does not store personal health care records for health-related management and only a regulator recognized by clinical health management providers handles all such information.


Our Privacy Policy dictates how we handle any leftover information. An accredited Health Service Provider who governs health management and is supervised by local, local, or community health experts locates all liabilities related to any operation, including but not limited to planning, testing, disclosure, evaluation, and discovery.



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